Stretchy physics-based fun!

By Teresa Whitehouse

The days of couch co-op are returning, and PHOGS! definitely has me excited for its eventual release. PHOGS! is a game that features a double-headed dog  that solves puzzles in order to progress through the game. In two-player mode, each player controls a dog, but when playing solo, you control them both. You can stretch, grab, and pull your way to the solution of each puzzle, often to hilarious results.

STREEEEEETCH to get the acorn!

PHOGS! has a very vibrant and colorful world, from sunny green pastures to night-time patch-work beds. The dogs can manipulate the world in both settings, with the methods of interaction varying depending on the level. The simplistic graphics lend themselves well to the adorable nature of the game without distracting from the overall experience.

At PAX East this year, we were able to get hands-on with a demo  set at night, with gentle purple hues and a sky full of stars. It contained a few different mechanics for solving puzzles, including a ball of light that the phogs can hold and use as a flashlight which lets them manipulate the map, they can also move living alarm clocks to wake sleeping teddy bears up or put them to sleep. . You work together with a friend to try and solve various puzzles involving these mechanics, then at the end of each level you hop into a giant two-headed worm to move on. (There seems to be a theme here with two heads, hmmm…)

The music varies based on level, complementing the various scenery in the game. With gentle lullabies in the night levels, and vibrant, energetic music during the day, you’ll feel immersed in the world of PHOGS!

As one phoggo grabs the light, the other directs it as a flashlight!

Since each dog is independently controlled, one player can try to play the game normally while the other does the exact opposite. Who doesn’t love messing with their friends in collaborative multiplayer games? I constantly tried to careen off of the edge, block paths, and make my friend’s life difficult. It’s the ability to mess with your friends while enjoying a game that made it an even better experience for me.

If you enjoy cute puzzle games that you can play with your friends, I recommend you give PHOGS! a try once it is released. It’s fun, family-friendly, and stands out from other puzzle games with its unique connected collaboration and barks. With exploration, puzzle-solving, and cute dogs, you really can’t go wrong with PHOGS!



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